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An electronic ray that can counter any aerial attacks has just been invented by Professor Goodwin, but before he can put in good hands, he is kidnapped by a criminal organization, that starts an international bid for him and his invention among the rogue countries of the world. The CIA sends Agent Sigma 3 to find the Professor before the transaction takes place. His mission takes him from Rome to Tangiers, and to Barcelona.
A scientist who has just invented a new ray gun has been kidnapped. Secret agent Charles Butler (Jack Taylor), also known as Agent Sigma 3, is put on the case. His investigation will take him from Rome to Barcelona with a few other stops in between. Can Taylor find the scientist before he and his invention are &quot;sold&quot; to the highest bidder?<br/><br/>As a rule, I love Eurospy films. Some of my favorites include the Ken Clark movies, the Tony Kendall / Brad Harris movies, and just about anything with Margaret Lee. I even like many that most people don&#39;t. But, I am not a fan of Agent Sigma 3. Why? Well, to begin, I don&#39;t care for Jack Taylor. He&#39;s about as dull a secret agent as I&#39;ve run across. There&#39;s nothing exciting about him. Next, the plot is pretty empty. Characters go from one place to the other without much of anything happening. There aren&#39;t any attempts at a big spy- type set-piece. Third, speaking of characters, I had trouble distinguishing who was who. Most of the characters are interchangeable. Finally, the fight scenes are so poorly choreographed, they&#39;re totally unconvincing. <br/><br/>There are, however, a couple of positives I feel I should mention. First, the chain-smoking Silvia Solar is always fun to watch. I also enjoyed her performance in Danger Death Ray. Second, I did like the very final scene when the twist of sorts was revealed. It was easily the most interesting point in the entire plot.
A scientist who has developed a new ray that can make any country invincible against aerial attacks (don&#39;t ask me how) gets kidnapped in Rome. Agent Sigma 3 (with such a code name, no wonder we never heard from him again!) is sent to find him, and his mission takes him from Rome to Tangiers to Barcelona. When you have finished with the front line of Eurospy flicks, you can move on to the second. When you have finished with the second….and the third….and the fourth line, you can move on to stuff like &quot;Agent Sigma 3&quot;. A hero without much personality, a very boring story, and a couple of overlong musical numbers make this quite a chore to watch, with the only interest coming from a few fairly unorthodox fight scenes. * out of 4.

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